Create your own super capacitor powered battery pack

DIY Solar Generator SOLN1-25 - How To Build


Crystal Cells -

How to Build Crystal Power Cells - Long Duration Power

EZ DIY Crystal Cell powers a motor and LED for over a year!

How to build a crystal cell battery


Super Joule Ringer 3.0 real world power made easy!

DIY Power Supply

Use of Super-capacitors Instead Of Rechargeable Batteries

Capacitor Battery Charger

Graphene in Supercapacitors

Alternative to Wet Cell Batteries

Mini BoostPack 12V Capacitor Car Battery Update

Capacitor Battery Hybred

Shopping list for the above Prototype Mini BoostPack

Parts List 3 items- under $115.00

BCAP0350 E270 T11_sml
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CAP SUPER 350F 2.7V RADIAL $11.23 x 6 units

Zippy Flightmax Battery
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ZIPPY Flightmax 4200mAh 4S2P 30C LiFePo4 Pack  $41.00

LCD Volt Meter
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LCD Cigarette Lighter Voltage Digital Panel Meter Volt Voltmeter Monitor Car By Buyincoins  $5.00

Better Battery alternative with PCB/PCM protection coming soon.