Mans Perfection – The Arts

Nearer, My God, to Thee (live in Amsterdam)


- I Can't Make You Love Me

Adele – Hello / Lacrimosa (Mozart) – The Piano Guys

Adele – Hello – Amanda Cole cover

Partita BWV 1004 – Johann Sebastian Bach played by Sanel Redzic


Johann Sebastian Bach - Partita II, BWV 1004 in d minor
Guitar build by Otto Vowinkel
Produced and played by Sanel Redzic

The 2015 Yamaha SLG 200N – Gymnopédie No. 1 (Satie)/ Kloster Langwaden

Perhaps one of the greatest guitar artist of modern times, Uwe Loewer.

The NEW Yamaha SLG 200N - Gymnopédie No. 1 Satie Kloster Langwaden

Yamaha Silent Guitar "SLG200N" & "Gymnopédie No. 1" (Eric Satie)

The progress of the "Yamaha SLG200n" to its predecessor "SLG130 nw" is well heard for the experienced musician.

The already existing fantastic soft and expressive treble string sound on the former model can be found in the new "SLG200 n", too, but now by bass strings worn by a clear "more "in volume, and an equally clear "more" overtones (Flageolett), a recognizable better sound profile....

Therefore the "Yamaha SLG200n", IMO, is practically indistinguishable from a classical concert guitar (depending on the used amplifier) .

The sound offers significantly enhancements in volume what probably seems to be the result of the new SRT-sound system. Especially when playing the lower strings, the typical sound effect of a guitar body is now amazingly realized.

The sound is pure, clear and rich in volume by admixing the SRT-effect - in my experience, a value of 40-50% seems to be optimal - this will also significantly minimize the pure piezo pickup impact noise if playing with too much bass and playing near the guitar bridge ("plock-plock"). When recording, IMO it is advisable to put the bass on minimum and the heights to maximum, for unknown reasons, the recorded sound otherwise and to my surprise will get quite bassy.

But this may perhaps depend only on my recording equipment.
By playing "normal" via amplifier, both controllers are best set to "neutral", the fine tuning of the tone control is performed on the amplifier used, and these settings will vary depending on the device used.

In my opinion the "Yamaha SLG 200N", for the ambitious classical guitar player, is a very good choice, not only without any disturbing feedback on stage, but indeed, if a flawless classical guitar sound is needed..... My recommendation!