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Electric Powered Bikes

Specialized Turbo


Specialized Turbo electric bike launch

Bikes from HeroEco.


Robert Llewellyn first looks at three different pedal electric bikes. They are 'The Edge', 'The Hybrid' and 'The Metro' which can be found at

VW e-bike


Beautifully designed fold-away design

The continued challenge of EV vehicles are the weight of the batteries which adds to the overall weight of the vehicle. The motor is a 24 volt 450 watt geared unitemotor mounted on a homemade bracket. The A/C motor rather than D/C is more efficient.

The Energy Return Wheel ERW2 Screw Force ERW mounted on a Beautiful hard tail Carbon Niner. Spear Gun Rubber powered. Impact resistant Carbon Hoops.

Automatic Bicycle Transmission (IVT)

IVT transmission

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How to pedal effectively while cycling for optimum performance. Best Cycling Pedaling Technique

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Outrider 422 Alpha Video Review

Outrider 422 Alpha Video Review

The GO-Cab is a super cargo bike with electric support in which eight children can be safely transported

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